The “Good Censor”

Google is now openly admitting to its penchant for censorship, but claiming to be a “good censor”. Here is the Breitbart article summarizing the leaked memo, and here is my archived copy of the memo.

There will be much more to say about this in the coming weeks, but for now, let me just point out that calling yourself a “good censor”, is like claiming there is a “bad” rape and a “good” rape. The victim of “good” rape just doesn’t realize what’s good for her, but she’ll thank me in the morning.

Obviously, a provocative comparison. But intentionally so. Google has now replaced Tipper Gore and Jerry Fallwell¬†with itself as the busybodies-in-chief. This would be no particular problem, if Google, Facebook, and Twitter were just three offerings among many, in a free market of communications and information service providers. But that’s not what we have. These three, in particular Google, have received billions of dollars in grant money, tax exemptions, and even special legal exemptions from libel laws, as a “neutral platform”.

Clearly, something needs to change. One thing I fear, is an overzealous state, with an awareness problem of its own, ham-fistedly tries to “regulate” the problem away. That will only make things worse. Even more problematic, is this fashionable notion of an “internet bill of rights”. Something that’s utterly superfluous in a free market.¬†

And that’s really the crux of the problem, here. It’s not a free market. It never really has been, and every new manipulation of this market by the state, just makes the problem worse, and worse, and worse…

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