Fashionable Ostracism

Purging people from popular social media platforms seems to be the fashion today. If you want to be part of the “in” crowd, you should definitely be contributing to the new trend of producing “out” crowds. The latest round of purges even scooped up a number of apolitical and non-partisan activist sites, including the facebook pages of private businesses that happened to be owned by people who are also politically active, and part of the broader purge. Even worse, there seems to be clear evidence of collusion or coordination amongst the major platforms engaging in this exciting new innovation of social media.

When I first created this site just a few weeks ago, I was a bit worried that perhaps I was falling prey to a myopic perspective in the moment, and that the censorship trend I was starting to perceive, was just an over-reaction to what was done to Alex Jones, and a few YouTubers. But the news since starting this site has been a continuous feed of open admissions of censorious behavior (see “The Good Censor”, for example),  and mass bannings like this one.

I won’t be posting that feed here, because I don’t want to turn this blog into a spam feed itself. However, what I am going to do, is track the people banned and ostracised by this new authoritarian intelligencia, and list them on two static pages on this site. Verboten Media will be a collection of banned media sites, and Un-Persons will be a collection of individuals, who may not be media personalities, who have become targets of persecution for their outspoken opinions.

If you know of anyone that ought to be on these lists, let me know:

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