The purpose of Samizdat Philosophy is mainly to provide myself with a place on the web where I can store information that has become verboten in polite society. Secondarily, it is to provide myself with a space to write what I otherwise could not write on my main blog, Exiting The Cave, on account of having to keep up a “professional” appearance there.

This blog is hosted by a company with an explicitly free speech policy, on a server that is physically in the United States. The company claims it will not block, censor, or demand the deletion of anything that is not explicitly illegal in the United States. Should things in the US go pear-shaped, I’ll have to find an off-shore host. But for now, this looks relatively safe.

The site will consist of a series of static pages selectable from a horizontal menu. Each tab will be for a different high-level topic, such as Big Tech censorship, or dangerous political ideas, or research on specific topics like various forms of government, human biology and psychology, race relations, the universities, etc.

This site will not include: explicit pornographic material, excessively graphic violence (“torture porn”), or obviously debunked speculations, such as Big Foot, or the Loch Ness Monster. This is a serious site, for serious minds, who want to explore serious ideas that “polite society” finds unacceptable or uncomfortable.

There will be an RSS feed, but you should check back often anyway.

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